Tuesday, 17 January 2017

I fell in love twice in two hours

I go to my favorite café for my morning dose of caffeine. There is a sea of people. Every individual with unique thoughts, ideas and perceptions. Enslaved to habitual tendencies and personal agendas. One thing appears common- everyone pretending to be busy.

I see a solid build Indian guy with funny mustache. In amber uniform. Pushing a dozen shopping trollies.  I see another Indian gentleman, neatly shaven and in designer suits, walking past him. Two countrymen in foreign land chasing dreams in their own accord!

Then I see a pair of our own Bhutanese ladies. In purple polo uniform. Pushing a cleaning trolley. Their innocent faces and attractive check bones and curvy hips steal my attention. I fall in love with both of them. 

I see an aged man. Probably in his 80s, clinging to life. He walks slowly but his eyes scan everything, especially the pretty ladies. No doubt he must be wishing to be 20 again.

I see a queue of people at the bank. All of them waiting to be served. For each of them, only their personal banking seems to be urgent and the rest didn’t matter. And the bank staffs forcing smiles. This is the daily game, controlled by some paper called currency.

Now I arrive at the café. I see a new staff. Blonde and beautiful. I fall in love again. I forget my league and think of checking her out. Then the reality kicks in. I am a short Asian dude, and a poor one. And she seems to be in bad mood too. I see no smile. Her body language says, get the fuck out of here.

I get cappuccino and banana bread. She asks, ‘would you like your bread toasted?”

“No thank you. I will have as it is.”

After 2 minutes, I say, “Sorry, can I have my banana bread toasted, please?”

She grabs the bread, shoves it through the kitchen window and asks the kitchen hand to toast it. She doesn’t say anything but she sure looks pissed.


Human nature.

Our mind is fickle.

Out of control.

So I watch my thought and let it go. I kill the thought of complaining. I enjoy my coffee and bread. Then I walk around the mall and start to watch people. I get lost in myriad thoughts and perceptions, with my own biased interpretations and labels. 

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Welcome 2017

2016 is the best year of my life. This year I have become a better person by 5%. There were ups and downs, but I will focus more on ups than downs.

I got two jobs in 2016. Both of them paid me well, beyond my expectation (yet I am still poor).

Enjoyed a road trip to an Aussie countryside with my mates. My spirit got rejuvenated. Camped by the beach, lived without Internet and phone network for three days. Witnessed the best sunset of my life. This trip made me fall in love with nature, and reminded me of home- how rich and beautiful our country is.

I started eating sandwich for lunch and toast for breakfast. I have to admit that the person who invented sandwich was a genius. It’s so easy and efficient. It takes me 2 minutes, and it’s nutritious too. At least better than eating rice three times a day.

By the end of the year, I had a big fight with my wife. We hated each other, momentarily. But this friction in our relationship taught us to reflect, and to think before we make big decisions. We forgave each other, made new commitments and cemented our relationship with more trust and care. Love and war is a fair game.

My little brother, who shat three times in his primary school days, got a job. He still appears like a tiny winy brother to me, but make no mistake, he teaches Chemistry to high school students. Proud of you!

He married the girl he dated in a college while I drank and slept most of the time (we went to the same college). 

I became an uncle for the second time. My sister in Canberra gave birth to a healthy boy. Garab, the new born technically became an Aussie! Oie Oie Oie. Welcome to the family.

Garab became an Aussie by default because his parents got their permanent visa this year. I am proud of my brother in-law, who came on Endeavour Scholarship, nailed his IT course and got an invitation for residency.

My in-law got a professional IT job at the end of the year. What more perfect Christmas and New Year present could be than this for his growing family? I couldn’t be prouder than this.

I am grateful that my parents are healthy.

One thing I can't forget- I brushed with death for the second time in my life when a man hit my car, which was travelling at 60 KMH. He came running into my car from nowhere. Later, when he got out of a hospital, he said that he didn’t see my car at all. My car was literally invisible for him. It was like a bird hitting a window. But I had to go through many traumatic experiences. Gosh, I nearly killed a man in Australia! Grateful that we both came out alive. 

Above all, my attitude and mentality transformed. I have identified goals and I am working on it. 2017 will be the platform where I can lay foundation for my goals and the year I start living meaningfully. I will start implementing things daily that would make me 5 % better physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually. If I do that for few years, I will become too good to be true. But that’s the challenge, that’s the goal. The bigger picture!

I can go on forever with my ramblings. But my tiny brain is sweating and memory getting blurrier. Gotta stop here!

Bring it on 2017! Happy New Year!

Why I hate a school assemby

I hate school assemblies. it make me delusional and transports me to my high school days, where memories are clear and fresh.

With time, I have forgiven my high school teacher who assaulted me in front of the assembly, a decade ago. Two thousand and six.

Now it’s all in the past and I have moved on- away from doubts, suspicions and gratuitous urge for truth.

2016. Yesterday evening, my son handed me his teacher’s note. It was an invitation for his morning assembly where he would be receiving an award. No mention of what he had won.

While it is optional, I decided not to go. I had paperwork to catch up and invoices to chase. I am guilty about it, but I asked my son before I made my mind. He was fine with it.

I have never been to his assembly before. It was never intentional. Always circumstantial. Being a temporary blue-collar resident, some work would always pop up or I would be chasing past week’s errands. That’s a regular drama.

Here in Australia, I noticed that my son and his friends eagerly look forward to their morning assemblies.

In hindsight, when I was in high school I used to be dreaded of captains who would count heads and then report to the principal. If caught, you had to visit principal’s office. And you would be limping on your way out.

I was caught couple of times. Got cane sticks on my bum. But it never fixed me. I always looked for and found a way to skip assemblies. It was painful to stand under the sun for ages. Some even passed out and had to be taken to hospital!

In the autumn of 2006, I was in year 10. Right after one of the morning assemblies, my class teacher called me out. As I neared him, he lunged and swung at me. Left and right. In front many students. No words, just action. Startled, scared and ashamed, I ran behind the building and cried. I am sure my sister, who was in year 12 witnessed the assault. And I think she cried too.

The class teacher never told me why he beat me. He never followed up. Never built any sympathetic rapport or gave me any counsels. It was simply a rough beating, enigmatic and uncalled for!